China is the second biggest economy in the world. With a steady growth rate of 7.7%, and 26,955¥ in disposable income per capita as of January 2014, the most populous country in the Far East is attracting a lot of attention from foreign businesses wishing to capitalise upon its impressive new spending power.

However, in order to successfully enter emerging markets in the Far East, a thorough understanding of local business and consumer cultures, legislation and regulation, and distribution channels is vital. Markets with huge potential such as India and China, especially, are guarded by a huge amount of red tape and a large number of licensing hoops to jump through, and that’s long before you get down to the distinct and occasionally difficult preferences and cultures of consumers.

By choosing CG Conex as a logistics partner, clients benefit from decades of experience in the Far East and Asia Pacific region, which equates to expert knowledge of any legislative and regulatory barriers, close familiarity with local business and consumer culture, and the luxury of knowing where to dig and which trusted partner to contact in order to deliver logistical solutions as efficiently as possible.

Our multi-lingual UK team offers top quality consultancy services to help you understand and organise everything from air freight to export regulations. Contact us today for excellent advice and efficient logistics services, and dramatically enhance the competitive advantage of your business.