According to eMarketer’s latest forecast, the Asia-Pacific region will contribute the most new revenue to B2C ecommerce sales in the near future. Although only 23% of people in Asia have access to the internet, B2C ecommerce sales in the area are predicted to rise by 29% to over £300billion in 2014, the largest figure in the world.
For e-commerce to succeed in these markets, it must be simultaneously targeted and accessible, and, crucially, be able to deliver goods and services in the swiftest possible time frame.

While consumer behaviours and economic situations differ all over the world, online shoppers share one thing in common: the desire to make purchases instantly. The sooner the goods are delivered, the better, and this fast-paced service environment demands a depth of local knowledge which few online retailers are able to harness.
For these reasons, outsourcing the logistics side of ecommerce in emerging markets is a route which many retailers are choosing to take.

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