As the only UK company which has a specialised team for shipping to and from the Far East, CG Conex has a unique understanding of the cultures, business demands, and legislation of countries on the other side of the world.

With many years’ experience of working in Japan and South East Asia, we give our customers the opportunity to drastically improve their competitive advantage by tapping into those large but often impenetrable eastern import and export markets.

Quite simply: we know how global business works. From independent medical and consumable customers to international household names in vehicles and technology, we have been building diverse networks and delivering vital connections in the Far East for over ten years.

Personal customer relationships, expert consultancy and value added services are at the heart of CG Conex. Utilising decades of experience in the logistics industry, a worldwide network of carefully built partnerships, and first-hand understanding of international business cultures, we offer a range of business and haulage services to mobilise shipments all over the world.

CG Conex specialises in importing and exporting throughout Europe and the Far East, offering worldwide service delivery alongside additional consulting and trading facilities. Whether you’re looking to import materials and machinery, export manufactured goods, or deliver online orders, we offer command of air, road, or freight to maximise the efficiency of your value chain.