With unique expertise in the business culture and occasionally complex legislation of Far Eastern countries, and with well-placed contacts dotted across the world, our ability to harness the power of our networks and deliver an excellent service is second to none.

A great example of how we use our networks to your benefit is our promise to deliver air freight movements from the UK to anywhere in the world within 24 hours.

We understand the fast-moving service environment in which you operate, and as a result we utilise our knowledge of customs regulations, our expertise in business legislation, and our trusted network of logistics partners, to mobilise your goods as quickly and safely as possible – by air, by sea, or by road.

CG Conex is one of the UK’s leading air freight specialists, with many years’ experience and a trusted network of aerospace affiliates including major Asian and European airlines. We are able to ensure you meet your air freight deadlines securely and perform reliably and competitively in a global marketplace.

Whether you need a door-to-door service for large shipments or guaranteed 24-hour delivery for time sensitive goods, air freight from CG Conex will provide the perfect solution.

When you need to move cargo by water, CG Conex offers a unified sea freight service to provide sea to road solutions anywhere in the world. Our team of experts can advise on consolidated shipping options and handle all import and export formalities on your behalf. You’ll benefit from real-time tracking technology and the 24-hour support of our UK team and global associates.

Whether you are moving large shipments, palletised goods, perishable or fragile items, CG Conex has an affordable and reliable road freight solution. Our services extend through the UK, Europe and the Far East with minimal handling and on-time door-to-door delivery. Our specialist service includes consultancy on applicable legislation, 24-hour support from our UK team and access to real-time tracking technology.

Although our service involves hundreds of shipments moving on a global scale, attention to detail is also an intrinsic part of what we offer at CG Connex. Our service is always personal, from our assessments and advice on anything from customs regulations to insurance, to our use of the latest technologies (Globaltrax) to ensure that you always understand the progress of your shipments in real time.