Export through an EU Approved Exporter – Thanks to CG Conex

CG Conex  is proud to have successfully attained EU Approved Exporter Status. Having achieved and maintained the status of an approved exporter, CG Conex  has continually demonstrated that it can meet the conditions imposed by customs authorities, and has been granted the right to be allowed to make out invoice declarations over the origins of goods.

This status allows you to choose CG Conex  with confidence, knowing that you are placing your shipments in the hands of an exporter trusted and approved by customs.

Because of our status as an Approved EU Exporter, by choosing CG Conex  to export your goods globally, you benefit from EU preferential trade agreements;

  • No need to complete or present EUR.1 certificates to customs for certification
  • We can endorse your export documentation, ensuring your goods qualify for EU origin status
  • Dramatically reduce delay periods and administrative costs around exporting goods
  • Exemption from endorsement signing, making huge time savings on computer generated invoicing systems
  • Your exports may qualify for a reduced rate of duty or be classed as duty free in some countries
  • Zero-rate your goods (we follow set guidelines for exporting out of the EU)

EU Approved Exporter status simplifies the exporting process for you and us, streamlining the process by avoiding delays and additional administration costs and time around customs. Plus, it gives you the added confidence that in choosing to partner with CG Conex  to export, you are choosing an export officially approved by customs.