Using logistics expertise to cut the cost of your international courier deliveries

Empty spaces save you money. CG Conex fills unused capacity of respected and reliable courier partners, providing you with first-class courier services at discount prices by utilising space left in already scheduled international delivery vehicles.

Your goods are handled by the trusted CG Conex team, and you will have access to the very same tracking systems we receive from our partner companies.

Deliveries available worldwide – you enjoy the advantages of CG Conex’s extensive worldwide contacts and specialist logistics team.

CG Conex International Courier Services offer all of the benefits you would expect from a leading international courier:

  • door-to-door collection and delivery service
  • speedy service
  • reliable delivery including prompt proof of consignment delivery
  • minute-by-minute tracking
  • extremely competitive lead times

All at a lower cost…thanks to CG Conex.

How does CG Conex provide specialist international courier services at discount rates?

As far as you’re concerned, your goods are handled by the reliable CG Conex team. From there, we fit your items into the unused capacity of already scheduled vehicles of our trusted international delivery partners. We simply fill up the spaces left over, saving you time and money in the process and getting your consignments to their destination in the fastest time possible.