From duty to VAT, import declarations to commodity classifications, customs are undoubtedly becoming increasingly difficult to navigate for importers and exporters.

With HMRC constantly evolving its regulations for UK imports, and international processes becoming ever more complex, having a specialist team on board is quickly becoming the best way to avoid accidental transgressions and unexpected fines.

At CG Conex, we understand the fast-paced service environment of ecommerce and logistics. The slightest hold up at customs can create big problems for your relationship with your customers, and for this reason, we offer the benefits of our worldwide network of partnerships as part of our range of consultancy services.

Personal customer relationships, expert consultancy and value added services are at the heart of CG Conex. Utilising decades of experience in the logistics industry, a worldwide network of carefully built partnerships, and first-hand understanding of international business cultures, we offer a range of business and haulage services to mobilise shipments all over the world.

CG Conex specialises in importing and exporting throughout Europe and the Far East, offering worldwide service delivery alongside additional consulting and trading facilities. Whether you’re looking to import materials and machinery, export manufactured goods, or deliver online orders, we offer command of air, road, or freight to maximise the efficiency of your value chain.

With contacts in embassies and chambers of commerce across the globe, many years’ experience in dealing with shipments in the Far East and the EU, and a specialist team dedicated to imports, we have the expertise to ensure that your cargo complies with the customs regulations of any destination, and can provide informed advice at any time.